# 0053

by serrin


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I've never been a fan of fast cars, my little a Toyota Yaris (aka Belta) with its electronic speed limit of 140kph (~87mph) and microscopic 1.5L engine, is nothing you would want other people know you drive.
One day as I was merrily driving along on the freeway, this Ford SUV tries overtaking me on the left (which in my country is the slow lane). Taking this as some sort of insult to my driving abilities, I decide to race him. Long story short the asshole starts pulling out ahead of me, but then I suddenly remember that up ahead is a spot where the cops usually have a radar trap so I decided that caution was the better part of valour (and that I had already lost anyway) and slammed the brakes.
The SUV, proudly basking in its victory, accelerates ahead...straight into the police. Ah little Yaris I knew I bought you for a reason.