# 0060

by Smithy


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Duct tape is always your friend at other peoples houses. One party round my friends house led to a half roll of duct tape being used in under three hours while everyone bar Me and Mike slept.
It all began with Mike duct tapeing a piece of paper displaying the word "Spam" with a arrow pointing down to the wall above my friend Spam while he slept. I then preceeded to find a can of Spam and duct tape it to Spam's chest.
This gave me and Mike an idea. What else can we duct tape to people while they sleep? With everyone being pretty drunk, the had all pretty much passed out, thus allowing us to put more stuff on them. Hannah ended up covered in all the pillows from downstairs. Annie had been changed into some sort of robot with the help of a PS2, some disks and lots of tin foil. Dave was a walking breakfast after using a whole loaf of bread (from the 24-hour petrol station down the road) and the four-slicer in the kitchen. Everyone else just had assorted bric-a-brac on their heads.
We then took most of their wallets and duct taped them to the ceiling. There's nothing better than seeing a robot jump for her money.