# 0075

by DingyDangl


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I was a typical Uni student, doing hardly any work and drinking loads.

I really fancied this guy on my course (even though I had a boyfriend) and while hideously drunk one night decided to try and woo him. This involved grabbing him and making out with him.

We then decided to go have sex at his dorms so we walked back together. At some point we got seperated and my phone was JUST running out of batteries but I managed to find him outside lying on the floor.

We had messy drunk sex. I don't really remember any of it now.

The the worst bit was when I woke up, I was naked in bed with his french friend a few rooms down. I have no idea how I got there, I must have suddenly gotten out of bed - naked. Trying to find the toilet? Then ended up getting into his bed and going to sleep.

When I woke up he just turned to me in his french accent and said "Do you want some trousers?"

I shamefully put them on went back to the original guys room, got dressed and went home.