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by Naota


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Okay, so one night I was on a delivery and I walk up to the door and it is open. So, I knock on it a bit and say, "Is anyone here?" and nobody answers, so i open the door a bit and quite to my dismay there is, completely naked mind you, a 500 pound woman blowing this guy in a chair in the middle of their living room, to which i say, "Ah! ummmm, sir your pizza is here." this surprised the woman and in reaction she must have bitten down on him. He then replies "the money's on the counter just leave the pizza and take the money." in a very pained voice and i reply "Sir, this is a 50, and your order is only 13 bucks." "Keep it." he replies like he's about to pass out. That was the worst 37 dollars I ever made.