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by Freefood


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Once every month, my family and I go to this local racehorse track. Usually my godfather and uncle usually come with. Its free admittance, but everything after is a bit pricy, except for the race tickets of course.

Anyway, its been a few hours, and we start to get hungry. We go to the concession stand, but everything over 10 dollars, meaning 5 less races to bet on. Disheartened, walk back, but not before seeing a private party going on. After thinking for a minute, we strike. My uncle and I sneak up, and grab all the $20 cheesecake we can grab. It was a smashing success. But, my family loves cheesecake, so it was gone quickly.

Due to the success of the first time, we go back. This time grabbing even more cheese cake, some breadsticks, some rolls, and some pastrami noodles. Of course, this isn't enough. My uncle goes back, and sees they just put out a pizza. Only 2 pieces are missing, so whoever is at the party had their share. Since the plates were too small, he grabs a piping hot pizza, and runs out of the area, past the onlookers, and back to the table. Since he was a little...inebriated at this point, he barely even felt the hot pizza, burning him.

Still not enough.

I go back one more time for some Lasagina for myself. Of course, they noticed the pizza, and catch me in the act. They yell at me, and let me go. Of course I grab 3 breadsticks and run. All in all, we probably stole about $150 dollars is cheesecake alone. Every time since then, we scope out the private parties going on and make our move.