# 0160

by Higini Jay


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Whilst on an overseas trip I encountered an odd situation.

I was in Cardiff, walking past the Millennium Stadium, when I notice this guy running along the street towards me. Naturally I just thought it was somebody who didn't like the cold an wanted to get home that bit quicker. It wasn't until he was a few meters away from me that I realised he was going to run right into me. Now, I'm not a small lad, but I'm certainly no rugby player so I kind of readied myself to drop the shoulder in to him if he was going to tackle me. Then this guy takes a massive leap and hits me, luckily I HAD readied myself otherwise I would have been knocked to the ground. I heard this big crunch (bones breaking), and when I turned around and saw that he was lying on the ground with his grotesquely twisted hand stuck in by back pocket!!!

The bastard had tried to pick-pocket me, but me being the Lonely Planet reading tourist that I am I had all valuables in my front jeans pockets. I think he learnt his lesson, he certainly seemed to be in a fair bit pain, and I doubt he use of this right hand will ever be the same.