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by Calixto


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I was never a very patient kid. My high school was pretty close to my house, about 6-ish blocks away, but my mother still insisted on picking me and my brother and sister up from school everyday. My brother and sister went to Middle school at the time, and so I usually had to wait to get picked up, as my high school was on the way back from the middle school.

Fuck that, I walked home.

This particular day, I had forgotten my keys inside my house, and my mother and sister had to wait for my brother to get out of some afterschool homework help or talking with the teacher or something. So when I got to my house I had to wait outside the door, keyless, waiting for my family to let me in.

Fuck that, I'll get in through the window.

So I went over to the side of the house, with the biggest window which led into my room. This window was right next to the driveway, but luckily nothing was in front of it today. So, I wiggle the bug screen thing out of the way, and push the window a little before it stops (on account of it being locked).

I find a iron hanger on the floor (don't know why it's there) nearby, and I rig it to fit inside the small crack in the window, and pop the unlock hinge open. I had to get a lawnchair from out front, because the hinge was up higher than I could reach from outside. We had an alarm system that would go off when I opened the window too far, but that wasn't a problem once I got inside, I had the code.

At this very moment, a car with lights on the top and 'SHERIFF' emblazoned on the side in big letters slowly approaches the house.

I freeze. I know what this looks like. Me, some random kid, crawling over a lawnchair, iron-hanger-lockpick in hand, trying to get into a house. Note also, reader, that I am a fairly darker skinned fellow, and I am well aware of what the police think of guys like me.

Cop car pulls up into the driveway. There are some other cars in the driveway, from neighbors (our neighborhood is setup oddly) so it just slowly creeps up on me. I don't move. I don't breathe.

"Hey," says the cop as he slowly rolls his window down.

"Yeah?" I ask, hand still at the window with hanger.

"Do you know if Jerry lives in that house over there?"

"Er, no. There's no Jerry on this block."

"Oh," the officer says, "Aright."

The latch unhinges at the point, I was leaning against the window and my weight throws it open. The alarm starts blaring. My blood does that cold thing all over. I'm fucked.

He just smiles. "Have a nice day." Drives off.

I don't think that was a real cop.