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by LQBabe


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At lunch me and my companions sit by the retard table.

I'm actually not sure why.

Anyway the one day we're sitting there and then one of the kids who had gotten up to throw his trash away stops right behind where J is sitting, looks stright at H [who we all think he has a bit of a thing for] and starts making a noise very hard to describe. Sort of like a cock-a-doodle-doo mixed with gurgling noises.

So I'm sipping my Snapple and trying not to laugh, H is openly cracking up and holding herself up with my shoulder, J can't see the kid behind her so she's making this marvellous "WTF" face, and BC is pretending he's not there. This goes on for about 5 good minutes because the kid's aid took that long to realize, "Hey, I'm supposed to be doing my job.". So his aid gets his stuff and him and all the other tards leave because they're supposed to like 5 minutes before the bell rings.

They had almost got to the door before I absolutely can't hold it in anymore and I fucking spray B and J with the Snapple I had just sipped because I'm laughing so damn hard.

So the three of us are laughing as hard as we can while BC just shakes his head, muttering, "You're horrible people.".

This same tard stopped by our table again today to let out a very large and gross burp before continuing whatever it was tards do. We had recently started playing the colour game [if someone burps you all have to say a colour, last one has to make a sex noise] so H starts screaming, "OOORAAANGE! ORAAAANGE!!" between laughs and it takes us ages to figure out what the fuck she's doing.