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by Proof


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When I was in my Freshman year of high school, i went to a party at a friends house. It wasn't a high school party, in the typical sense. It was very tame, a bunch of kids eating chips and swimming in a pool. But as with all things innocent there are those dissenters among the crowd who insist on their fun.

I would say I was one of them.

It all started when the hostess of the innocent gathering brought out some blue alcoholic mixture she had pilfered from her parents. Suddenly you saw the gleam in this group of girls eyes. In that moment I was starting into the eyes of the future alcoholics of America.

Like a child on the breast they sucked it all dry, leaving most of us sober. So as I am looking around at this group of jits, I pick the one who looks most unsavory (in all reality the girls was pretty innocent in public) but I knew she would be the one. Lets call her Nicole.

I asked her if she knew where we could get more alcohol and she said yes. Nicole calls her dude and arranges to meet in the parking lot of a local church. I immediately get a bad feeling about this whole thing, and being as Nicole is a rather petite person, I decided to go with her. Lets just say I'm not easy to kidnap.

When we walk up the first thing I see is the fact that this dude drives a black pick up truck, full of pool cleaning equipment. OK, that's not so creepy, maybe he is like some type of male pool servant who wears his speedo for rich stay at home moms to ogle him while he maintains their cement ponds.
I mean, who should I expect. Well, I expected some one in there lower 20's, probably some type of collegiate. Who else would this girl know who would buy her alcohol at her whim? Apparently 35 year old Black men do. Good thing I came, other wise Nicole was looking like she'd be washing up in a swamp somewhere.

As we get in the truck with him all I can think of is what my mother told me when I was a little girl. “don't get in the car with strangers”

The guy drives us down to the liquor store and goes in with the 25 dollars we had gotten from the hostess to fund our excursion. During the literal half hour it took him to buy the vodka, I sat with Nicole informing her of what a terrible decision it was for both of us to go with this man. I told her exactly what he could have done to her had I not come with her, and by the time he gets back I have Nicole about ready to piss herself. And god dang it she needed to be.

We eventually have him drop us back off at the church and make our way back to the party. I then made a hasty retreat out the back door, bottle in bag, and then find my way home. Yes, I stole her vodka. Yes, It was delicious.