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by Forgotten


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My brother wasn't exceptionally liked by teachers when he was in High School. One teacher had a particularly intense dislike for him.

I got this teacher two years after my brother graduated.

Mr. Teacher passes out a paper on which we were to write our names on for seating arrangements. I sit next to my best friend, another 16 year old girl.

He walks by, handing out papers, while looking down, trying to put names to faces. When he gets to my friend and I, he stops. Jerkily. His eyes grow wide at the name on his list and the realization sweeps over him. He does a literal double take with fear in his eyes as I cock an eyebrow and shoot him a devilish smile.

He throws the paper on our desks and walks in the complete opposite direction as fast as he can.

My friend and I don't look at each other. She's used to this.

"Was that panic in his eyes?" My friend inquires calmly.

"I do believe it was."