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by mluu


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Back in my high school days, I, like a lot of you guys can relate to- had my fair share boring lessons. Being the kids we were, we'd always try to come up with strange and wonderful ways to pass the time.

Now, no lesson felt quite as slow as Math. Our teacher, I shall call him Mr. B, had that typical droney voice, which, after pounding your ear drums for a few minutes, begins to sound more and more like a constant incomprehensible buzz.

The class room was divided into several desks of two lined up facing the whiteboard at front. Right at the back left, sat me and my best friend.

It was in Year 9 (Around 13/14 years of age for all your Americans out there) when my friend and I first put pencil to wall and started scratching away at the paint. I don't remember why or who came up with it, but that's how we rolled.

The next lesson I brought a compass to class.

A couple of days later, some other class mates noticed a small, but impressive hole in the wall.

A couple of weeks later the compasses needle had worn completely out, we ran out of pens and pencils too.

Before I continue, I'd like to point out how my teacher never suspected a thing. Mr B was a lazy teacher, and just liked to talk, set an exercise and then sit behind his desk reading/marking/staring into space.

A couple of months later, the hole is big. Every lesson we dug away, we've scraped away past around just over a foot of brick. We began taking tissues to lesson to clear the dust after our deeds.

Now after over a year, we make a break through. It is now possible to see into the next room. The wall was like 2 feet deep... I had no idea why it was so thick.

We always knew what was in the other room, a filing cabinet blocked the way. Or so we thought, me and my friend pondered why we could see light? I mean, if the cabinet was there, surely what was waiting on the otherside could be nothing else but darkness...

At this point, I was sitting next to the hole (We took it in turns). I stuck a pen through and probed around, suddenly something on the other side pulled the pen out of my hand. We panicked, we sat up straight and kicked away the dust from the under our desk and chair.

I counted around 10 seconds before the door to the class room flung open and a substitute teacher walked into our class, eye'ing up the whole left side of the wall as she went.

She reached the back of the class, to where me and my friend sat and pointed to this 10-15cm diameter gaping hole.

Turns out that a week before, the filing cabinet was moved as an old teacher quit her job.

Me and my friend, being the innocent looking kids we were, denied absolutely every accusation thrown our way. Saying that the hole was there when we began our lessons over a year ago. My teacher was dumb founded, I mean, how could he not notice? Pouncing on this chance, I exclaimed how if we did do it, our teacher would have found out somewhere down the line.

And thus, we were let off the hook.

2 days later, the hole was completely sealed up. With what you ask? Guess...

The answer is toilet paper! Typical...