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One of my friends had just gotten her first car, equipped with an incredibly old school tape player. Being that I am the only person we knew who still owned a tape recorder, I was in charge of making tapes for our outings anywhere. The first one I made her was a mix that alternated between dodgy 90s rap and Tom Jones songs, as a joke. No one else really got the joke, and we terrorised everyone else we knew with it every time they got in the car.

At the time, we were both living in the residential halls at uni, and more often than not, the guys from the jock hall down the road from ours would scream down the road all the colleges were on blasting loud doof doof music. Imagine the looks on the faces of all the jocks the night we decided to cruise past all the colleges at about 2am in her khaki '82 Honda Civic, all the windows down, blasting "What's New Pussycat?", with three of our other friends cowering in the backseat in embarrassment.

(sadly, she left the tape in the car on a particularly hot day, and it melted, destroying both the tape and her car's tape player in one cruel move. "Disaster!" we both cried. "No, fate," one of our friends replied in a satisfied tone.)