by Radley


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So I was over at my friend's house once. He was one of those friends who always had someTHING that was really cool (he and his family would go to other countries and get things like bootleg DVDs or knives or something). My point is that there are a LOT of different- or cool-looking things in his house. Things like laser pointers, lighters, those little glass cubes with the etched designs inside, et cetera.

I'm sitting in his room, poking around at the things on his desk, when I come across this tube that is tapered on one end and has a black apparatus on the other. The tapered end also had a small hole in it. I think to myself, "That is a pretty cool looking laser pointer, with the black apparatus on the end." So I start pointing the tapered end at the wall, trying to figure out where the button or lever is that turns it on.

Because of the way I am holding it, the black apparatus is pressed tightly against the skin of my palm.

Finally, I find a button, right next to the black apparatus, that gives when I push on it. I think, "Aha! I have found the button that turns it on." Feeling happy over my newfound discovery, I press the button.

Nothing appears on the wall at which I am pointing.

About a half-second later, a searing pain in my palm registers in my mind.

I throw the laser pointer away and grab at my hand, which is already starting to blister.

It turns out the thing I was holding was not a laser pointer at all; it was a miniature blowtorch. When the button is pressed, the black apparatus opens to reveal the torch itself, and it shoots out its fire. Not just the flames that a cigarette lighter shoots out, either. This lighter gave a flame that was blue at its base and cooled down to green. This flame was shot at my skin, which was pressed RIGHT UP NEXT TO IT.

So, it blistered immediately. The diameter of the flame was probably a quarter of a centimeter, but my blister was as big around as a dime and as tall as a stack of three or four.