by JScan


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Now I wasn't actually there at the time of this story, but I think its too good to not be told. This took place on a good friend of mines porch on a warm summer night. Me and my friends have a habit of sitting out on the porch and talking late into the night. On this night however two squad cars with sirens blaring pull up to the house. The officers begin to ask my friends if they've seen a black man in a gray sweat suit in the area. My friends told him they hadn't and the police went on their way. As my friends were somewhat shaken by the thought of a fugitive being on the run they began to console each other by telling a lot of black jokes and making the usual racial references. It was right after one of these jokes that a rustling was heard in the bushes just below the porch. As my friends looked over the railing a black man in a gray sweat suit jumps out of the bushes and runs down the street. I guess you never know who's listening.