by Pat


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The itch should have been the giveaway.

I loved her. So much. She was my first serious girlfriend and she seemed perfect. I knew she wasn't because she couldn't be; nobody's perfect, they told me. Shit I used to hate doing, like clubbing and watching bad movies she made fun. Everything about her was awesome.

Then the itch started. I should have worked it out straight away, but no, I dismissed it in my mind, convincing my self that it was the new jocks that caused it. Things were going so well, I met her parents and we got along great, I even managed to not make her older brother want to kill me.

Then my buddy decided he'd turn 18 and as he was yet to lose his virginity someone thought it would be a good idea to get him a hooker. And there she was, slut rags and all.

The itch should have been the giveaway.