by Jenny


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So, my husband and I met at a trade type school. We left campus and started walking to his friends house. They were a married couple that lived nearby. We were bored and hoping they would offer us a beer. I had only met them once before, briefly. We knocked, the wife answered. She invited us in. Husband was topless and in shorts and she was wearing clothes... so I didn't think anything of it.

I sat on the couch at the end near the arm. I immediately felt something buzzing near my leg and thought to myself "Hmm.... must be their cell phone ringing... I'll grab it." So, I reached down, in between the cushion and the arm, and pulled out a great big...... vibrator!!

No kidding! I guess we had walked in on something. The wife see me pull it out and up hold it up in the air for all to see and she says "I wouldn't touch that!"....... Oh my GOD!!!!! was all I could think. How do you not freak out... and also not offend her by freaking out too much?? It was pretty embarrassing!

This is also my husband's favorite story to tell.