by Francisco


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Last year me and a friend of mine, disenchanted of the joy of learning and reluctant to finish out the day, decided to excuse ourselves from the stifling highschool environment.

We waited around in a back hall until the late bell for 3rd period rang, and made a mad dash out the door.

At this point, we were surprised to see the school's principal, speaking to the district superintendent, directly in our path to freedom, and quickly changed course before she had the chance to remand us.

Our only other choice was to try our luck on the breakdown lane of an adjacent thru-way, something we're oft to do in situations such as this.

So we're walking down the road, all things going well, a red-letter day, until Johnny, or rather, Janey Law gives us a shine and a sound.

She beckons us over to her car, and bodes us in.

Not having had the opportunity to fabricate a story, we instead opted to sweet talk her into letting us off this one time.

To our complete and utter shock, it worked.

She dropped us off beside the school, and drove off after seeing us into the school.

At this point, I suggested we adjourn back outside the facility's walls, but my friend disagreed, so, as nonchalantly as possible, we went about our way, heading to our fourth period classes.

Unbeknownst to us, though, we'd been spotted on our drive in by a teacher on her cancer break; this teacher apparently finished off her cigarette and went in to regale the office of our arrival.

As luck would have it, I was in the gymnasium, the one area of the school cut off from the PA system, so my friend was called down to the office, while I went about business as usual.

Here's the kicker though: this friend of mine got a suspension, and a mark on his permanent record as a reward for his endeavors, having dealt with the school's hard ass assistant principal.

When I went in the next day and heard the news, I was relieved to find that my friend's prosecutor was out, and was replaced by a rather lenient old fellow.

I got a single detention.