by Chitaku


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When I was ten, in the year 1994, a flea market near my house held a contest sponsored by one of our local TV's stations. I can't remember entirely what the contest was about, but since it was in an arcade, I assume it had something to do with skeeball, since it was one of most popular games in the arcade. My older brother (who's two years older) and I both entered.

My brother wound up somewhere in the top three. Therefore, he won a prize. Which we had to drive to the TV station to pick it up.

Now keep in mind, I lived in Florida. It's summer time. The worst part of it all was that we were driving along in an old and crappy car that had no air conditioning. So the whole hour and half long drive was utter hell.

Finally, we get to the TV station and we park the car under a tree, leaving the windows cracked so that it wouldn't become an oven. We go inside and find out that my brother has won a whole assortment of electronic toys, some of them with the LCD display and the black figures. Kinda like a Game and Watch. He also gets to take part in a commercial. So that takes around four hours while my mother and I wait in the waiting room. I just sat there and watched cartoons that the channel showed in the afternoon.

So after everything is all said and done, we go back to the car. We put the toys into the trunk and get in. We start driving away.

Suddenly, as we're driving along, out of every crevice in the car comes... ROACHES. Not your tiny little roaches but the larger variety. They crawl all over all of us, even my mom, who at the time was just trying not to crash the car. It was like something out of a horror movie. At stop lights, the roaches are still crawling on us and we're trying to stomp them all to death. I remember actually getting out of the car and running around screaming as I batted the roaches from my body. I got back into the car, I have no idea why, and I continued to aid in the insect hoard's extermination. I was crying the entire time. Finally, the bugs have all been eradicated.

As we drive home, we're almost afraid to open the trunk. I mean considering that the state of where we were, imagine what the trunk and the huge box with the toys would be like. We thought it would be filled with roaches. So my mom takes out the box and kicks open the lid and backs away. Turns out, not a single roach was in the box, or the trunk.