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Okay, so last night, I was supposed to go out with a friend and chat about life problems and bla bla bla. Wasn't in the mood for that kind of lame set up, and as such, I called my ex.

Now, my girl friends are all very girly and very nice, but my boy friends (and my ex especially) are the kind of guys who take the sex, drugs and rock'n'roll lifestyle the way it sounds. In short, it was bound to be a wild, if a little odd, night.

So my ex picks me up, we go and pick up my friend and we're off downtown with a bottle of whiskey and some beers. All's good till we get there, because apparently, my ex was invited to some party where he didn't know anyone, so no one knows us and they don't let us in. Which sucks big time, but we decide, fuck it, let's go to Murray's (a club nearby).

But first, we finish the whiskey. God, now that's a terrible idea! One bottle of whiskey just for my ex and I. This is the moment when I stop paying attention to my poor friend, who suddenly shows up glued to another one of my guy friends, which totally freaks me out. Because seriously, weird.

Anyway, with all the alcohol in my veins, I end up snogging my ex. No idea how this happens, but it goes beyond kissing and we end up in my car, in a secluded alleyway, fucking like rabbits.

So basically, I'm having a fantastic time, when suddenly, the guy stops and gives me this absolutely horrified look. "What?" I ask, already thinking he'd start ranting about how it's not right and bla bla bla. "It's almost fuckin' morning and I have to go to work in two hours!" he says instead.

Now, picture the situation: him sitting in the backseat, me on top, both kind of drunk and very horny and he just remembers he has to go to work! I haven't laughed so hard in my life!