by freddie


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I have this friend who is a bit of a vagrant. Never graduated from high school. Struggles to keep jobs longer than 6 months or so. Smokes a lot of pot on weekdays. Still lives off the proceeds of a successful lawsuit against a girl who threw a pen in his eye in grade school... His heart's in the right place, though, and he's a friend so, whatever.

Recently he started getting his life on track. Moved out of his parents garage and got a steady two year job as an apprentice chef in a small town just outside the city. Naturally, he needed to get a license to drive himself in and out everyday. Simple enough. So after spending a few months getting confident behind the wheel he decided to take a driving test.

He borrowed his parent's car to take the exam because it was a nice easy-to-drive SUV and he figured it would probably impress the instructor. As he pulled up to the office, he thought he'd make another effort to impress and parallel park between two cars perched out front, and with a bit of maneouvering he pulled it off. So on he went, fetched the instructor, got back behind the wheel.

"Ok say where should we head off to," my friend quizzed his instructor (strict, I am told).

"Just pull out and turn left on to the road"

"Alriiiight..." My friend says confidently, crashing into the car parked directly in front of him.

Less than 30 seconds in.

What a legend.