by firecrackr


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This is a tale of one of my more memorable junior high days. It began with a presentation I organized for my classmates, on the subject of globalization and sweatshop labour. I felt kind of proud of myself, and the local newspaper did a neat little write-up. The faculty was proud of all this forward-thinking publicity, I would think.

However, I didn't stay in their good books for long. At lunch, when some friends begged me to, I struggled onto the top of the roof and wrote my name on the bricks with a Sharpie. Then, my friends scattered as I saw our principal striding up and demanding that I get down. As it turns out, I had made my ascent in full view of the teacher's lounge. So... to the detention room for me.

Then, things got a little unorthodox. A local TV news crew showed up (late, I might add) to interview me. So what were my captors do to? Well, they let me go chat with the reporter. After the interview, she asked me whether I was missing class to do this. I said, "No, not exactly," then my principal yanked me away.

An epilogue to this story is that the next day, my shop teacher told me when they were watching me go up on the roof, the teachers took bets on whether I would make it up or not, then thanked me for winning him ten bucks.