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Actually this is not a subject I should be laughing about, because really it's horrible and sad. Horribly sad. Almost enough to make you cry or something, especially if you've got that vegan affectation.

I'm just evil.

So anyway, we've got around a dozen head of cattle here, and we had them out in the field to graze on the prolific weed growth out there. It's been raining so much this year that we haven't been able to keep ahead of the weeds - we even got a note from the guv'ment telling us we wouldn't get our check thingy if we didn't keep the weeds under control. Now really, there's only so much a dozen cows can do, and we just can't afford to plow it up every week.

Well, when the neighbor did bring his tractor over to plow the place up a couple weeks ago, we had to bring the cattle back into the back yard. There was this black one that didn't come in with them - the hubby had been worried about him because he wouldn't travel with the herd. Hmmm... all black, tends to stay by himself... sounds gothy to me. Anyway, Gothy decided to hang out in the neighbor's pen when the scary machine was tearing up the field, and later he just sort of roamed around out there picking on the little scrags that were left.

He stayed out there by himself for quite a while; the hubby and I just couldn't catch him in the pen while he was watering, to switch him around to staying in the back yard. Then one day I went out and he was laying down in the corral, so I closed the out gate and opened the other one so he wouldn't get out again. Seemed pretty easy, and if he didn't want to hang out with the rest of the beef that wasn't my problem.

The next day I went out on my usual routine to feed the cats. I heard a weird sound out in the back yard, sort of like a cow trying to moo with the hiccups. I dumped the cat food off in the shop and went to see what was the matter. It took a few minutes for me to figure out where the sound was coming from, since the weeds were tall enough to cover one of the critters lying down. When I did find poor Gothy he was in the worst distress.

Out in the back yard we've got a gap in the fence that goes into the field. Part of that fence is actually the gate of a pen back there that is sort of permanently open. Between that gate and the fence is a bit more than a yard of space, which we keep secured with a part of the hotwire fence. Gothy apparently had tried to escape through there and got one of his back legs tied up in the wire. He was laying there in the weeds, twitching as the hotwire pulsed electricity into him. So I had to walk back to the garage to unplug the fence charger, then back to where Gothy was to unwrap his leg.

I'm guessing that the improvised electroshock was the only thing keeping the poor critter alive at that point. There wasn't anything I could do for him - I went and checked back on him an hour later to see if he'd gotten up, so I could let him get into the pen for water, but by then he'd quit breathing. Who knows how long he'd been out there.

The hubby called the used cattle people when he got home, and we wrapped a chain around Gothy's legs and dragged him out into the ditch to be collected the next day. Who knew the poor guy was suicidal?