by JennaB


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My best friend and I usually take a trip out of the country at least once a year. A couple years back, we made our annual trek to Costa Rica. Towards the end of our week-long trip, we wanted to do something that didn't involve surfer boys and alcohol - we went on a canopy tour through the rainforest.

During a canopy tour, you ride up a mountain on emaciated horses and come down sliding on zip cords tied to the tops of trees. We were in the middle of our day-long tour, in a tree, when ... surprise! It rained ... in the rainforest. Who knew?! We were then very cold and wet with no way out but through the rest of the cord maze.

I looked at my shivering mate. She looked miserable. I realized I, too, was miserable. And I had to pee. I let this be known to my friend. She said she needed to relieve herself, also. As we were on top of a tree and strapped in to harnesses, I saw no way of answering the call in a civilized manner. So, there we were, two intelligent, beautiful, young Americans, with a serious dilemma. We then looked at each other and knew what had to be done. I stood there, perfectly still, and stared into the eyes of my best friend as we peed our pants in the middle of a crowded platform on top of a tree. AHHHH, yes! We were finally warm. It was one of the most awkwardly awesome moments of my life.