by gingninj


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So it was the summer before I went to college, i had just graduated from high school and felt like a champion. I went out to celebrate with one of my friends this night, and we ended up going to a huge party. To my amazement when we got there almost every kid there had tight pants and straightened black hair. I knew a few of them, but wasn't exactly on friendly terms.

So the night progresses and everyone gets drunk, I end up chatting with a few "emo" kids and remember that they are people to and start having a good time.

Then I see a very distressed looking girl and being the drunk fool that I was, go over to her and see if I can help out. She says she lost her phone, so I look around, come back and say I had no luck. Now this is where things got odd, and to this day I still don't understand.

As I state I couldn't find her phone, she flips, she screams "THANKS!" sarcastically. Then seeing as I wasn't dressed like most of the party goers screams "why are you even here!", I look at he awestruck and say calmly, "why are you being such a bitch", she then stabs me in the eye with her cell phone...

After coming to and making sure my eye is still present I walk over to my friend and start drinking a beer. Then this kid comes storming up to me and gets in my face, he yells, "why did you mess with my girlfriend?!" iIsat in amazment at what was unfolding, as 5 of his crony friends got behind him. I told him to calm down then he shoved me. So I lost my temper and punched him straight in the jaw. He fell over as I got jumped on by 4 or 5 of his friends, only escaping because a girl stepped in to get them off. I walked outside and called up one of my friends explaining what happened, and with in five minutes 2 car loads of my good friends showed up.

The "emo" kids came out of the party, and what happened next was just a puffing of the chest masculinity fest that i really didn't even want to get involved with. But as all this was unfolding to be a brawl in the street two cops pulled the corner and broke it up. It ends up one of the "emo" kids was arrested because he had spiked brass knuckles in his pocket which he was planning on using. An odd experience and an even odder night.