by duDe


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I love going out of town. The anonymity of it is what makes it fun for me. Whenever I go to a new town, I head to a bowling alley with a tube of super glue. Now you can probably guess what comes next but its not as dumb and simple as you think. Sure, in its simplest form I am just putting super glue into the finger holes of the bowling balls and watching as people get stuck BUT there is an art to it. First of all its really hard to do it to a ball someone is currently using which means you have to do the ones on the rack, so you gotta know which sizes are most likely to be picked lest you sit there all night waiting for one of your balls to be chosen. Also, you have to apply just the right amount of glue the right place so the victim doesn't notice right away. It should feel just a little wierd, not "holy shit there is super glue in this ball" wierd.

When you pull it off, though; it's awesome. Watching as the person just can't get the ball off without tearing the skin of their fingers: it is the best.