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It's about 2 AM, dark and really annoying. I'm not quite tired, just really unobservant. I'm in the city visiting my girlfriend who's going to college. Her dorm is a 6 story right on a busy street. Down one end is a really terrible neighborhood (bail bonds and boots stores abound) and on the other is the campus.

So, I went out to the parking garage to grab my stuff and on my way back this guy flies around the corner doing about 20. He clips me, just hits my hip. It's a cop I think, at first. One of those new Chargers.

Actually, it's just a guy. Who stole a cop car. He stole it up 4th Street and since the street is so busy he couldn't speed away, and the intersection I was crossing was the first place he could get off.

The kicker is the face he made, a "what are you doing letting me hit you with this cop car I stole?". Never forget it.